I LOVE Chick-Fil-A's chicken, but they have something even better on their menu that happens to take the cake for me...

Thinking a lot about Chick-Fil-A as I hang out here at the 12 Days Of ChristMIX Toy Drive and ponder life and our reason for living. One of mine is definitely Chick-Fil-A. I say that as I look a hundred yards to the North and see a beauifully decorated (for Christmas) Chick-Fil-A here on Eagle Road in Meridian in front of The Village. I love their original chicken sandwich and I love their Spicy Chicken Sandwich, I can't tell you which one I love more. When I'm trying to eat a little healthier I'll go with their delicious grilled chicken sandwich. Their nuggets are amazing and the crinkle cut fries are always hot and crispy, but strangely, none of these are my favorite.

I'm not sure when exactly it popped up on their menu but one day I noticed they had macaroni and cheese, and I had never noticed it before. So I thought to myself, "these guys know how to make really good food. I bet this Mac N Cheese is AMAZING." Obviously I ordered it and it's not just any mac n cheese, it's like a mac n cheese casserole with thick noodles, creamy cheese and then more cheese baked on top. This has since become my favorite item at Chick-Fil-A. But luckily, I can get my chicken sandwich with this delicious mac n cheese on the side and have it all!

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