Summertime is approaching and for a lot of families, that means loading up the station wagon and venturing out for a summer vacation. Some people like road trips, some people prefer to fly... but no matter what, you'll need a place to stay. This brings us to the lovely entity we know as hotels. Sure, you could stay with a friend or family if you're lucky enough to know someone at your vacation destination; but do you really want to? Think about all of the things you have to share, watch out for, and let's be real... you're never really comfortable or get to let loose if you're staying as guests in someone else's home.

Now, I know what you're thinking (but probably not): "Chris, why would I choose a hotel and not a motel?" That's because we all know hotels are where it's at. There's a reason the Monopology guy didn't have us upgrade our little "green houses" into little red motels... no no, we're high-class and we want that "exquisite experience."

However, there are some instances where your summer vacation can take a turn for the worst. Whether you discover you're sleeping in a "damn drug zone" or find out you've got bed bugs joining you for a night's sleep, anything can happen in a hotel. Anything.

We found some of the most horrible, disgusting, and downright offensive experiences we could find at hotels right here in Boise. We won't disclose their names because we understand that sometimes, you might catch a hotel on a "bad day." Whether these experiences are the norm at these hotels or not; we'll leave that up to you. Without further ado, let's get into the nastiest and stickiest reviews we can find of Boise hotels.

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