If one thing is for sure it's that the people of the Treasure Valley are as honest as they come. We don't mess around and if we want to share our opinion with you, we most certainly will. Now, when you ask someone who lives here what they want for Boise, you might expect the typical response: "No more Californians" or "don't move here!"

And that is exactly true... but that's not the only request from locals. Requests include wanting people to be better drivers (in a perfect world, right?), the mask policy (remember that?), and even tipping.

The people of Boise and Idaho, in general, all have things they wish could happen just like I wish we could get a Whataburger instead of an In-N-Out, but that's a conversation for another day.

So, let's dive into some of the top things the people of Boise want you to stop doing and share yours with me here.

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