We are just over one month away from the 2019 tax deadline. And according to Nerdwallet, the average taxpayer will be bringing in around $3,000. For most people saving money can be difficult so to have a nice pile of cash laying around can raise some big questions. Like, should I spend it or save it.

Spending $3,000 seems like a lot but in all reality that money goes super fast. Although if you do spend it then you most likely don't have that nice cushion just in case an unexpected expense pops up.

But you work hard all year long and deserve to spoil yourself at some point. That's where the question comes in again to spend or save your tax return. I have been asking random co-workers if they are spending or saving with a majority of people spending the money (most commonly on vacations). With others saying they plan on saving some and spending some of the cash. I haven't found one person who plans on saving their entire tax return.

Are you thinking about spending or saving your tax return?

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