We often talk about Boise hitting all these top ten lists across America and how incredible it is and how lucky we all are to live in one of the best kept secrets across the country but is it all good?  What's bad and maybe more specifically, where is it bad in Boise?

I'm going on my third year living in the downtown Boise area and I'll be honest, I don't have much to complain about, but some do.  Here's information off of Quora.com straight from those that have lived in what they call the worst or most dangerous areas in Boise.

Please keep in mind, these are not my thoughts, opinions or words and in no way am I agreeing or disagreeing with what's stated in the following.  These are simply people's honest "opinions" as to what they're experiencing in Boise.

Kevin Rank - Resident

Emerald to Franklin and a little south of there between Orchard and Cole is sketchy.  A lot of people have moved in over the past 10 years and I went from nothing ever happening to my garage being broke into three separate times during a six month period.

Katelynne Raley - Realtor

As a Realtor I cannot steer you from certain areas, but I highly recommend looking online at the number of sex offenders in the areas you are looking. If you look near the bench you will see a drastic increase in that number versus other parts of town.

I have also heard that the schools in Garden City are not held in high regard, so definitely be sure to do your digging.

Josh DiGiorgio - Former Police Officer

The ghettos, the swarms of people idling on the streets all times of the day and night, the loud partying in the streets into the early hours of the morning, gunshots popping off all night, nightclubs that are infamous for cold case murders, you’ll find none of that in Boise.

The worst that I’ve seen are small trailers and run down houses with more than a few oversized pickup trucks napping where grass should be growing. If that qualifies as making an area bad for you, then you should count yourself lucky that you’ve not seen worse.

Jabbaone - Resident

There is a lower income area in Garden City, which is really just Boise. The skirting cities of Caldwell and Nampa, have some crime, and a very small and WAY over reported gang presence.

Kevin Mack - Resident

The only neighborhood that I would try to avoid is located south of Overland Rd., with Latah, Kootenai the cross streets. This was a divy neighborhood when I was doing my paper route 45 years ago and it doesn't look like anything has changed so the old houses are even more dilapidated (typically now rentals), bringing in the drug users etc.

Gregory Norton - Resident

The areas under the connector and nearby (a block or so) are dubious, and women alone should avoid out-of-the-way pockets along the river late at night.


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