UC-Berkley just added adulting classes to the curriculum, and more colleges are adding programs like that all the time.  If you need a refresher, we've got adulting classes right here in Boise too.  But what do they teach?

Adulting classes usually teach how to cook, change a tire, manage time, fold sheets, and pay taxes, and they're tailored for Millennials.

But can anyone ever really master this adulting thing? Passing the course in college would be sweet, but then there's real life and sometimes that has a mind of its own.  Add a crying baby to laundry and taxes, and adulting presents a real challenge.

The University of California Berkeley just announced it has an offering for an adulting class, and more colleges are adding programs like it all the time.  It's probably more practical and useful than astrophysics, and it might be a great place to meet a mate that's also looking to master the art of adulthood.  And if you get an easy A, it would be a big confidence boost for the rest of your life.

The Boise Public Library offers adulting classes too, and anyone can take those each month.  The library says Adulting 101 is a "series of monthly workshops focused on the skills and resources we all wish we had learned earlier in life."  Each workshop presents the chance to earn a badge, and if you collect all 12 badges and you'll receive a limited-edition Adult-in-Action medal.  Cool!  Something to hang in a prominent place to remind yourself that you DO know how to keep plants alive and assemble a great insurance policy.

Some of the adulting topics coming up at the library:

September – Networking
October – Local Government
November – Insurance
December – Cooking

Anyone over 18 can go check it out, and probably realize that life is never really figured out!  And that exactly why the adulting class trend will continue.

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