Do you sleep better when you're by yourself?

More people in Idaho are kicking that significant other out of the bed, so they can get a good night's sleep alone.  And they're not regretting it!

About 1 in 4 admit they get a better night's sleep when they're in bed alone, rather than with someone.

I'll admit, one of my favorite things about being single is having that big bed all to myself!  It's just me in a king-sized bed.  Most days I waste nothing - I re-use plastic wrap and I'll plan entire weekends around a ripening avocado so it doesn't go to waste - but when it comes to sleep, all that wasted space over there on the other side of the bed is just fine with me. For now anyway.  I might change my mind when Mr. Right finally jumps off of Tinder and into my master bedroom.  But I digress.

People snore, they steal covers, they put off heat all night like a blow torch, the fan bothers the cold folks and that starts fights...

More and more couples are giving up on sharing a bed, and it works for them.  It might be a marriage saver in some cases.

Do you sleep alone and does it work for you?

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