Add this to another time waster that you for sure will be trying out once you find out what the newest viral video game to hit the net is.

Chicken Scream
Chicken Scream: Viral Video Game

The newest IT game that will soon be downloaded thousands and millions of times around the world and inside the Treasure Valley is Chicken Scream. Sounds childish..yes..looks silly..of course...but is the COOLEST thing ever. CHECK! Alright, it may just be me here but I love any type of silly game that requires the player to jump out of their normal comfort zone and have a good time with the game. Chicken Scream has it all. I found the new game while doing a simple #trending search on Twitter...which by the way you can follow us right now @mix106 . What pops up..a game called Chicken Scream. After doing some Youtube searches I found tons of vids of people playing this game where you control the game 100% by your voice. When you talk the chicken walks...if you get louder with your jumps. CRAZY!! hahaha.. I challenged Mike, Nicole & Jeff to see if they could do better than I did...

I'm sure by now you are foaming at the mouth swearing that you can do better. it..see this is what I'm talking about..tomorrow and all through the weekend you will be playing this game. Heck I even overheard people playing it in the men's bathroom at the office..( I can't confirm or deny that said person was me..) The Apple iStore has your download for free, and while you are there get the new Mix106 app and take us where ever you go...inbetween you playing Chicken Scream of course. - JD

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