This is pretty awesome. These missionaries made a hip hop video in their car with the Book of Mormon in hand and it's gone viral.

I'm not a part of the church, but I know it's a big part of the culture in Idaho and I do admire a lot of what they do, including this song and viral video!

Yeah sure, it's not what you'd expect necessarily but it's really good! It's clear these guys are passionate about their mission and I think it's great they put a cool, modern tiktok type of spin on it. I feel like it's pretty hard to go "viral" these days just because there is so much content out there in the world but when you're creative enough, you can make it happen, and that's certainly what happened here.

Not to mention how hard it is to write a song; even if it is a spoof or parody. Trust me, I've done my fair share and it can be pretty difficult to get your message across and to make the syllables match up and all that. Then, there's the performance aspect of it. These two guy probably practiced it a hundred times before they got this recording but they sure got it down!

Not sure if you will, but if you see these guys on their mission around the Treasure Valley, stop and give them some props on their awesome viral song and video they made to go with it. Best of luck on your mission, fellas!

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