Idaho Millennials Are Hipper Than This
This parody video on millennials has been around for a couple of years, but a friend showed it to me again over the weekend and I thought it was worth sharing to ask a question. Are millennials in Idaho this stereotypical?
Sara Barellies Loves Spoof
So maybe you have a friend that you've known for awhile and now it's too late to ask what in the heck her name is?  This SNL spoof of Sara Bareilles' song Brave is pretty fun!
Sara wrote the song with Jack Antonoff of Fun, and both of them approved of the SNL version...
All About That Baste?
Wanna have Thanksgiving dinner at the crazy family's house?  I do.  They look so normal!  And then we see this video.
This video has 1.1 million views on Youtube and counting.  As one of the comments puts it, "Did you hire Paula Deen to write the lyrics...