Our friend Ted in Caldwell has become the victim of theft! His rubber chicken that rides on his rig has been stolen right from his home on the mirror of his truck. We need your help!

Yeah, you could argue that it's JUST a squeaky rubber chicken and that it JUST cost a few dollar, but theft is theft. One of the biggest things I brag about to my out-of-state friends is that we have low crime here in Idaho. Occasionally I'll leave for the entire day and I realize the garage was open and nothing is missing. It's great. In this case, our good friend Ted in Caldwell drives a truck for a living, and his rubber chicken, Bertha lived right out on the mirror as you can see in this photo, and now Bertha is missing.

If by chance you see Bertha out and about in the community, be a pal and hit us with a DM in the Mix 106 app. We'd love to toss ya a small reward (maybe $20 or a Stella's gift card) if we could get Bertha back to Ted safely. Bertha was last seen Friday, June 4th in Caldwell, zip tied to Ted's truck. Again, if you see Bertha, contact us through the Mix 106 app.

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Now, is this the most important business happening in the Treasure Valley? Likely not, but somewhat important nonetheless. And at the very least, I hope the visual of the rubber chicken tied to a truck put a smile on your face as you stumbled upon this article.

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