Taxiing on the runway, crying babies and beautiful city scapes... You get it all with this brand new video of a United plane taking off to Denver from Boise!

I don't know about you but I still get really excited about traveling, particularly when I get to fly to my destination, even though I've flown quite a bit in my life. One of the most incredible things to me is when you're taking off or landing and you're overlooking a city. You're staring out the window and your mind is going a million miles per second as you scan the entire city looking for your home, your job or your favorite haunt anywhere else in town. A lot of people haven't traveled in nearly two years thanks to the pandemic and while this video won't serve you any particular destination, you will get the excitement of taking off from the Boise airport, and maybe, just maybe, it'll inspire you to plan your next trip!

In the video, you'll get to experience taxiing the runway, the complete takeoff, a baby crying, smoky skies, and beautiful scenery as you fly over the city of trees. By the way, this video was uploaded today. Was it recorded today? That, I don't know but you can tell it's a fairly recent takeoff out of Boise on a United Airlines flight. This flight is headed to Denver and while we don't get all the way there, we do get a good glimpse of Boise and the Snake River as the plane takes off. Enjoy!

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