It's a huge honor for my wife and I to be joining the Idaho Air National Guard family as my wife becomes Honorary Commander for the 124th Security Forces Squadron at Gowen Field.

Just when I can finally drop my moniker as “First Dude” of Idaho with my wife Tracy ending her reign as Idaho Association of Realtor President, I get to add a new one. Tracy received an incredible honor this week, made even more special with the fact that Veteran’s Day is Friday and that we also have two sons who currently serve in the military.

Tracy has been named Honorary Commander of the 124th Security Forces Squadron of the Air National Guard at Gowen Field.

Not only was she was sworn in as the honorary commander of the 124th Security Forces Squadron, she was even able to signal an A-10 during a combat search and rescue demonstration.

Tracy was sworn in by our friend, Commander Phillip Mills, who coincidentally also swore in our son Colby when he enlisted into the Air Force…. His wife, Tami, and son, Matt, were also there with us!

This is a part of the Gowen Strong program, a community outreach program to help strengthen community ties between our military and our community.

Over the next few years Tracy and I will get to take part in various Air National Guard activities and training demonstrations.  (I just hope she will be able to order me to shoot something)

This is such a huge honor to Tracy and myself and although officially she out ranks me now, I refuse to salute her or even bow, but I may occasionally give her a nod and a "What's up?"

To ALL of our military personnel who currently serve or have served...thank you...Happy Veteran's day!

Check out some of the pictures from Tracy's Induction and A 10 Demonstration


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