Mike & Nicole,

I just got married last summer. I have a daughter (sole custody) who is dearly loved by my husband (her step father that very close to her). My daughter's father is in prison, he has always been a trouble maker since we were married, so he is not in my daughter's picture a lot. My husband is thinking about adopting my daughter, but I am worried that my ex will attack me again by saying that I take a chance while he is in prison. He should be out this winter (not sure when). The reason why I said he attacks me because he told me I took a chance while his life is crumbling (from alcohol and drugs) and divorced him. He puts guilt on me so much for years and finally got out of it, but we had a daughter together and this time is about our her.

We may get relocated out of state in few months and I know I have to let the court know I am taking my daughter with me. Should I process the adoption first? How long does it take? Should I move first and then talk about adoption to my ex? What if my ex doesn't want to give away his parental rights?

Thanks so much guys! 

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