I’m a parent to two little girls and we have a little boy arriving in September. I absolutely cannot imagine the feeling of knowing your child is being bullied. Bullying seems to occur more often nowadays with how much access to technology that children have. I can honestly say, I would likely get to a certain point where I would want my kids to defend themselves. No, I’m not saying violence is always the answer but sometimes, enough is enough.

What better way to build your child’s confidence than to teach them martial arts? That’s right. Martial freaking arts. Again, we’re not saying that violence is the answer but who wouldn’t want their child to have the ability to throw a “mantis fist” or perform a “scissor kick takedown”?

This isn’t a Netflix reality show, people. This is real life and it’s important that our kids know how to defend themselves. Just imagine – “Billy the Bully” shows up to take your kid's lunch money like he has the last few weeks and despite your child’s best efforts to talk him down, they’re forced to give them the nastiest smothering backfist you can think of.

I digress – obviously, martial arts is not to be used as a weapon but rather as a mechanism for self-defense and self-discipline. Let’s get into the best-reviewed martial arts places to take your child in the event they need to learn how to defend themselves.

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