Dear Mike and Nicole,

I have a really odd situation that I am hoping you two and your listeners can help with.
My coworkers and I were talking about Christmas decorating when we got back from Thanksgiving break and I mentioned that I didn't have a tree, but that I would love to get a fake tree that we have put up every year, we just can't afford it. One of the women said she had a second tree in her garage that her family hadn't used in years and offered it to me. I took her up on it and last weekend I, along with my husband and our three kids (4, 6, and 9 years old) decorated the tree together. We had so much fun and brought out all of our sentimental ornaments, drank hot chocolate, and listened to Christmas music as we decorated our new tree.

The coworker who gave us the tree called me frantic this weekend telling me that she needs the tree back. Her husband was furious that she gave it away because it was given to them after his sister passed away from cancer. She didn't realize he would be so upset and is asking us to bring it back. I asked her if we could wait until after Christmas when its time to take it down, since its already fully decorated, and she said she needs it back by this Friday.

I am heartbroken at the thought of taking down this tree that my kids love so much. What do I do? My husband and I disagree on what is the right thing to do and we need help. He says it's too late and we should keep it and I'm scared to cause a rift with someone I work with.

Thank you.


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