I’m naming Zelda Lehosit, a Meridian hairstylist, as a Mike & Nicole’s Everyday Hero for something she did last weekend.

You may recognize the name, Jason Hammond. He is the Treasure Valley man that was injured in the Las Vegas shooting a few weeks ago. He took a bullet in the knee and another one grazed the back of his head. He is home now and recovering after surgery, but his medical bills are adding up, so one of his close friends, Zelda, came up with an idea to help.

Zelda is a hairstylist at The Processing Bar in Meridian and decided that she would hold a Cut-a-Thon called “Cut it Out” at her salon, all of the proceeds from that day would go directly to Jason’s medical bills. She ended up raising about $1000! There is also a GoFundMe account still open to help if you feel moved to do so, you can find that HERE!

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