Dear Mike and Nicole,

I was recently shopping with my 7 year old daughter when she saw a woman putting baby formula in her giant purse. My daughter asked me if I saw it too and I told her I did. I didn't say anything because she didn't look like she had a lot of money and it really hit me. A few years ago, my husband lost his job and we were in a really bad spot. I know how it feels to not know how you are going to feed your family when you're in that position.

As we were checking out, my daughter kept looking at me as if to say, "Aren't you going to tell someone?" When we got into my car my daughter started asking why I didn't tell the manager. She knows shoplifting is wrong and thinks I should have said something. I tried to explain why I didn't.

Should I have said something? Am I a hypocrite because I preach one thing to my daughter and then do another?

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