Dear Mike and Nicole,

I have known my double first cousin all her life. (My dad and her mom are brother sister/ my mom and her dad are brother sister) We've spent every holiday, birthday, camping trips, sleepovers, etc together. I was so happy and honored when she asked me to be in her wedding party.


Which obviously I know I was going to end up in anyway. Then out of the blue, she asks me not to be in her wedding? We've tried talking it out and every time there is another lame excuse like 'oh my groom can't find another groomsmen' or ' I have 4 bridesmaids already'. I don't understand how she can treat me like this after all we have been through. Also, I don't think that it's right at all to ask someone to be in your wedding then kick them out. She keeps bugging me to make food for her bridal shower. She also tells me if I really want to help out, I can record her wedding. My husband said no immediately because he said, therefore, I wouldn't get to mingle and talk to friends and family and I wouldn't get to be in any of the pictures. My heart is broken. I can't believe she would treat me like this. My husband and I have debated about to go to the wedding at all. I mean I still love her dearly and maybe one day I will forgive her for this but for now, my heart is in two. Will I regret not going to her wedding? Should I put my pettiness aside for a day for her?

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