After watching him win so many Gold Medals in the summer games in Rio, I thought to myself there has got to be some way to better myself. To Be Like not that Mike the swimming Michael. This was by far the closest thing I could come up with. Watching the Olympic Games we've all seen those insanely huge marks on the backs of most US athletes and wondered what they heck they are. Well Mike & Nicole thought it would be a great idea to find out what this phenomenon was and do it to me. So began the quest to get me CUPPED. Cupping is the actual term and its amazing. I am a huge fan! It's supposed to release toxins and stress that is in your body by bringing it up to the surface. I feel soo good, and getting it done was awesome.

Thanks to Vitality Acupuncture LLC in Meridian and Heather for coming in and playing with us. If you didn't see the entire Facebook Live video you can catch up HERE. - JD

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