I did a little research (on Facebook), specifically looking for the best restaurant in Meridian and it came down to a toss up between these two local Meridian power houses....

It all came down to Epi's and Mi Casa. There were some honorable mentions in there like Big Daddy's BBQ, Gino's and some others but the overwhelming response was a mention for either Epi's or Mi Casa. Now, I'll admit, I haven't yet been to Epi's. (Sidebar: For my wedding rehearsal dinner, we had Paella from Ansots in Downtown Boise and it was deeeeelicious) I'd like to visit Epi's soon just because so many people rave about it.

Now, I have a very strong relationship with Mexican food. I grew up in Las Vegas where great Mexican food wasn't too hard to find but prior to coming to the Treasure Valley, I was living in San Diego for two years and I had a favorite out there called Cafe Coyote. Being so close to the border, I feel like my pallet for Mexican food is pretty refined and I hadn't yet found any Mexican food that I loved. That is until I took the suggestion of our Treasure Valley friends to try Mi Casa. It's interesting because I've been to that Buffalo Wild Wings a bunch, I've been to Mo Bettah's over there a ton, but I hadn't yet tried Mi Casa and I'm so glad I did! The absolute tastiest Toquito I've had in my entire life and some of the best beans and chips and salsa and drinks.

Bravo, Mi Casa, and thank you for coming in clutch cause now I have a new favorite, but I can't wait to pay a visit to Epi's!

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