It's one of the most popular cuisines in the Treasure Valley and if you've lived here for some time, you've probably heard how amazing Basque food is.

The Basque community is strong in Boise

Boise is home to one of the most prominent Basque communities in the entire U.S. According to, it's due to the large influx of Basque people who came to the Treasure Valley to work with sheep:

Boise is home to the largest concentration of Basque people in the United States. Many Basques immigrated to the area during the late 1800s to work as sheepherders. Those who came to Idaho found the work plentiful and told their friends and relatives back home to come and join them.

This has led to Boise being home to some of the best and most authentic Basque food that you will ever try. Many of the families behind the Basque food in the Treasure Valley have family connections to those who originally came to Idaho and brought their delicious recipes with them

Let's take a look at some of the places where you will find the Basque food so good that you may very well end up slapping your mama. We used reviews from Google, suggestions from people who've lived here, and of course, the always-reliable Yelp. Let's take a look...

Boise Basque Food So Good You'll Want To Slap Your Mama

Call your mama and apologize in advance because if you eat at these amazing restaurants you'll want to slap her across the face right after. Respectfully of course.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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If neither of those cuisines is your thing and you want to stick to a classic - loaded fries. You're in luck, Idaho is home to some of the best loaded fries in the entire country. Let's take a look...

Idaho Has The Best Loaded Fries In The Country

Forget the "best in Idaho"... are these the best "loaded fries" in the COUNTRY?

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