Here’s a great local story of bravery.

John Smith and his younger brother were driving near the Garrity exit on the Interstate when they noticed the truck in front of them was swerving and also almost hit a couple of cars.

They called 911 but then felt they needed to do something more.
They continued to follow the car and then pulled up beside it honking to try and get the driver’s attention, yelling at her to pull over.

Once he got the driver to pull over and stop, he walked up to her car, knowing she could have a gun or something. He made her get out of the car and sit on the curb until police arrived.  When Meridian Police showed up, they found that she was driving under the influence of drugs which happened to also be present in the car.

Talk about bravery! Who knows what could have happened if they hadn't stopped her. Meridian Police did want to point out that they don't want people to jump in to dangerous situations all the time, but in this instance, it was appreciated.


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