One of my favorite things in life is rescuing and helping out dogs that are in a tough situation, so I was really excited to find out how much the Meridian Canine Rescue does to help dogs in the Treasure Valley. I try to keep a close eye on their Facebook Page to see if there is anything I can do to assist in their efforts.

I had never heard of their "Through Their Eyes" promotion but what a cool idea. They have 8 humans ready to spend 24 hours within the kennel environment. The goal is to raise funds and awareness of their Enrichment Programs at MCR.

On July 27th at 6 p.m., a human and dog team will enter the kennel together and live for 24 hours together. They will be let out, fed, and given enrichment items at the same time as their dog companion.

Each team will be given an Amazon Wish List, the team with the highest value in product donations will receive a night's stay in a cozy hotel. If you want to help just keep an eye on their facebook page as they will be posting often on how to help out or make a donation.

I know I am crazy for thinking this but I would love to jump in one of those kennels next year to help, although it would be hard to leave my dog companion at the shelter after 24 hours together.

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