Ruby was a longtime resident at Meridian Canine Rescue but her time there has ended as over the weekend there was a longtime volunteer who decided to adopt her!

Ruby had been at the shelter for 547 days, that is almost exactly 18 months. That is a long time for any animal to be at a shelter, although I can promise you she got the best care and attention possible with my friends at Meridian Canine Rescue. Making things more challenging for Ruby was the fact that she was deaf, so she required a special home to take care of her.

The sweet dog is going to be able to play fetch daily and continue to try and use her water bowl as a place to take a bath.

While the staff at MCR is sad to not see Ruby each day, this now makes room for a new shelter dog to move in.

Please remember when you're looking to add a furry family member to only get them from shelters and rescues like MCR. If you want to see the dogs that are available now click here.

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