This week is all about being healthy and fit because it's FitOne week! I read a recent article about fitness role models and instantly I knew who I get my inspiration from.The FitOne blog today is about Fitness Role Models. Unfortunately in our society that normally refers to the woman on the cover of Shape magazine who has rock hard abs and her thighs definitely don't rub together. Instead this blog was all about the people in our every day lives.

Kate McGwire Photos

I couldn't agree more! Of course I would love to look like the woman on the cover of Shape, but I don't want to have to make that sacrifice. I don't want to work out 8 hours a day. I don't want to only be allowed to eat protein and drink water. I love food and I love my cocktails on the patio!

Kate McGwire Photos

My fitness role models are my friends. These are the women that inspire me. My friend who skips her lunch hour to come work out with me. My friend who gets up at 4am to make it to the gym before she goes to work. My friend who had back surgery and came back more motivated then ever to get into shape. These women keep me motivated. I look up to them. I see them living everyday normal lives and they are doing their best to eat healthy and stay active BUT at the same time we are enjoying our lives. Tonight we will be drinking wine and eating cake for one of the girl's birthdays. And we won't hate ourselves for it. We will just push it a little harder tomorrow on the squats and planks.

Look around. Who in your life is a fitness role model? Let's put down the magazines and start looking in our everyday life for someone who can help us to be healthier and more active.

Hope to see you over the next 3 days at the FitOne Festivities!