Meal prepping is not only popular it is good for you. What has worked for you?

Meal prepping can be scary, what do you eat, when, and how do you save money? Well thanks to Vitality Wellness Center I have help with all of that but I want to know personally what has worked for people here locally and even deals on where to get the best food and at the best bang for my buck.

Funny enough one of the most difficult part is measuring things out for pasta and rice, as well as portions and other ingredients. I think there is a debate on the shelf life of certain foods. Fish/seafood obviously are not able to last as long as other meats in the fridge. The last thing I want to do is get sick. Now the variant is in other meat some day 4 days and other sayd 5 days. Some foods can perish quickly and I hope to limit that.

What do you use to store your food in and has something been easier then the other?

Here is to obtaining better eating habits!



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