You ever look at something you're doing and realize that even though someone might ask to make it "easier," you're so in your routine that it's hard to break it?  I found something. 

I like a plain chicken sandwich when I go through a drive thru, and almost NO ONE seems capable of delivering that for me.

Maybe it's just me.  Maybe what I'm asking for is unfair or unreasonable.

I think of myself as a very "boring" eater.  My favorite meals are usually very basic.  Steak, with some great seasoning, potatoes, green beans, and amazing bread.  That's perfect.  On cheeseburgers, I want bun, meat, cheese, lettuce, maybe a little onion.

On a chicken sandwich I'm even more basic.  For whatever reason, I just want the chicken, bun, and lettuce.  I don't need any sauce.  I don't want any sauce.  In my mind, I'm simplifying the process.  Just drop my cluck on the bun and throw a leaf on it.


The picture above was today's attempt at that plain chicken sandwich, and again, I left with someone I had specifically asked not to have.  My fault on not catching it sooner, as I was on the phone and didn't double-check when I was still at the drive thru, but really?

If you recognize the wrapper, it's not just that place.  In fact, this is the third time in the last week.

So help me out.  Is it me?  Should I give up on this pursuit?  Is the world of fast food just so trained on their assembly line that I'm crazy to think I could lose a few of the steps?

Have you found a place that can make your special order right?



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