Anyone who knows tamales knows that home made tamales are better than anything you'll ever find in a package. Here's where you can get your hands on tamales in the Treasure Valley.

I can eat tamales year round. My favorite are pork with red sauce. But truly the holiday season is tamale season, and that's when you want home made tamales in your life. Now, we may not all have access to grandma's tamales, but there are some options here in the Treasure Valley.

The consensus on who has the best tamales here in the Treasure Valley seems to be Tamales Nelly on Overland Road. 7609 W. Overland Rd. Unit 130 to be specific. Tamale fans around the Treasure Valley know that they not only have a great variety, but they don't slack on the filling if you know what I mean. And as an added bonus, they deliver!

Now, there's also Delicious Lupita. I'm pretty sure they only deliver but they are amazing. I found out about these guys because they knocked on my door one day with fresh, home made tamales and I bought more than my stomach can handle. Incredible, with a perfectly spice sauce to go with them. Not only are they known for their tamales, they also make great menudo, gorditas and champurrado. Check the above Facebook links for the addresses, numbers, menus, pictures and all that and throw some business to these great locally owned guys and girls and enjoy a tamale or thirty this holiday season.

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