Are you a fan of the Great Christmas Light Fight on TV?  It features families from all over the U.S. that go way over the top when decorating their houses for Christmas to compete for a huge cash prize. I’m talking millions of lights not a few thousand that I have on my house.

Want to find some of the best and most amazing displays of Christmas Lights in the Treasure Valley?  We've made it easy, just click on the button bar below for a map to the best lights in the valley.

One of the displays is one I discovered in past years, thanks to this map was a display on Chicken Dinner Road South of Nampa...and it may be one of the best I've ever seen at someones home, check out the video Chicken Dinner Video...what do you think?

If you have some amazing light display that you'd like to share with everyone, you can get yours added to the list below.

....and if you still need lights on your house it's not to late....the people that did my lights on my house below are still taking orders...check out the video below


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