I watch far too much Dateline, but when this stuff goes down in our own backyard it's really disturbing. 

Last night police dispatch received a call from 42-year-old Eric James Steiner admitting he had killed his wife earlier in the day.

Initially, reports said that Eric's wife, who was found dead in the bathroom, had died of a gunshot wound. Now, new reports on KTVB say the first-degree murder was committed by poison, torture, vengeance, extortion, or sadistic inclinations.

Steiner and his wife lived in the 500 block of East Chateau. Steiner walked out of the house when officers arrived on the scene and was arrested without incident.

A 4-year-old boy and 17-year-old girl were inside the home when cops responded to the home, but it is unclear if they were in the home when the victim was killed.

Details specify that the woman was shot with a "smaller-caliber handgun" and there was a significant amount of time that passed between when she was killed and when Steiner called the cops.

The victim is suspected to be Steiner's wife, but that hasn't been completely confirmed by police. They are however calling it a "domestic homicide." The victim's name is expected to be released following an autopsy that will take place today.

Steiner, who is currently sitting in the Ada County Jail, will likely face life in prison or even the death penalty for the crime.

I get relationships are tough; heavens I'm divorced. I've argued, and debated, and been sad, and been in a very bad place during my fifteen years of marriage, but this is never ever the answer.

Please keep the children and all those affected by this senseless act of violence in your thoughts and prayers today in the days to come.

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