Nampa police are asking for the public's help in solving a murder after discovering a body in a Nampa apartment on Monday evening (1/9).

Details of the Nampa murder

According to Nampa police, they received a call about a "deceased individual" in an apartment in the 1800 block of 1st St. N. Apparently, the person who called the police along with others in the community hadn't seen the victim in several days. This led to the discovery of the body in the apartment. According to their post on social media, they are treating the case as a homicide and posted on Tuesday afternoon that they needed the public's help in catching the murderer.

Nampa murder suspect is identified

On Tuesday evening, Nampa police shared that they identified the suspect as 29-year-old Justino Morales Ramos. Police say he could also go by the names Gustavo, Faustino, and Roberto. He's Hispanic, 5'5" in height, weighs 140 pounds, and has brown eyes with brown hair. Authorities say he also has a tattoo of Jesus's face on his left forearm.

Nampa police are letting the public know to not approach Morales Ramos as he is considered dangerous:

Morales Ramos should be considered dangerous, and he may act erratically. If located, do not approach, instead call police.


According to data from, Nampa is safer than 27% of the other cities in the country with the chances of becoming a violent crime victim in Nampa being 1 in 296. also reports that there are 359 violent crimes in Nampa annually with 4,742 violent crimes taking place in the state of Idaho annually.

That's not as much as say, California which sees a staggering 172,773 violent crimes a year. Your chances of being a violent crime victim in California is 1 in 43 with a 1 in 41 chance if you live in Los Angeles.

While Idaho is relatively safe compared to other states, it feels like Idaho has been getting a lot of attention for the crime taking place. Hopefully, our Nampa police will track down the murderer before they strike again and we can beam with pride that our local law enforcement continues to keep us safe.

Idaho 6 News reported that the victim was a woman in her mid-30s. Besides that, we don't have any other details about the victim.

If you have any information on the murderer, Morales Ramos, contact law enforcement at 208-343-COPS or Nampa Dispatch at 208-465-2257, option 2.

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