I’ll admit it; I’m addicted to my phone.

If I’m being completely honest, there are times (more than once) where I’ve checked social media or responded to an email or just browsed through the app store when I should have been doing something else that was MUCH MORE of a priority than what I chose to do.

Is this grounds for divorce?

One man filed for divorce from his wife because she was on her phone so much. She wasn’t talking or checking social media, she was playing games. ALL. THE. TIME.

This mother was so obsessed with gaming that parenting took a back seat to phone use. The husband claims that playing games was in place of doing anything around the house and even caring for their children. He also says she neglected to take their daughter in for vaccinations on time and was so distracted that she also dropped the ball on administering medication during the little one’s illness.

When confronted, the husband says his wife blamed him and refused to stop gaming.

If you were hearing this story from the husband (this is his side), what would you respond with?

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