Students from Middleton High School want to bring awareness to the wide spread problem of distracted driving. We’ve seen the intense commercials on TV, but this is real life for far too many people.

According to AAA, six out of 10 teen car crashes involve some type of driver distraction, ranging from using a cell phone while driving to interacting with passengers.

Students chose to spread their message to their peers at Firebird Raceway Sunday during the Spring High School Championships in honor of a classmate, Ashtyn Scott Walsh, who died in a distracted driving crash last year.

Firebird promotes a message to teen drivers that drugs, alcohol and driving don't mix, but with the help from students at Middleton High, distracted driving was also covered too!

The truck Ashtyn was driving when she got into a deadly car accident while using her cell phone while driving was at Firebird on Sunday.

It may be really hard to see that truck, but the students said that's what really pushes the message. Seeing the real life ramifications up close makes a huge impact.

Find the full story from KTVB, HERE.

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