The Cambridge Dictionary defines a tween as "a child between the ages of approximately eight and twelve." Way to go, Cambridge folks. Could you be anymore vague?

Any parent that's raised a tween knows this phase is about a young one's journey to shed their "babyish" ways in favor of independence. It's a constant push-and-pull that can leave the most experienced parents among us drained and desperate to hit the fast-forward button on these years.

From their strengths and struggles, to what helps them sleep versus what keeps them awake at night, no one know yours kid like you do. Our list of 10 odd-to-spooky movies aren't Halloween movies per se, but they definitely capture the spirit of the season. Some are older and some are newer, but all of them will make for a great movie night for your tween!

And who knows? Your cool list of movies might land you an exclusive invitation to a movie marathon night with your favorite tween!

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