Halloween's Better Half

What goes better with Halloween than candy? Here's a hint: it's not wine or slasher flicks! Listen, I'm not saying you're wrong, it's just not our journey right now. To answer my own question, I think Fright Night's better half is inclusion! Halloween and inclusion go together like:

  • Witches and brooms
  • Skulls and crossbones
  • Potions and caldrons
  • Ghosts and graveyards
  • And just for kicks, parents and candy tax

No Kiddos Left Behind

If you've never felt the sting of being left behind, quite frankly, you're lucky.

It's a painful experience many differently-abled children endure on a daily basis. From playgrounds that lack inclusive equipment, to birthday parties that fail to account for kids who can't frolic in trampoline parks, the exclusion of children with special needs is a frequently overlooked habit.

Whether the exclusion is intention or unintentional, it's all the same. A child's hurt feelings knows no difference.

Photo by Zahra Amiri on Unsplash
Photo by Zahra Amiri on Unsplash


Were you surprised I went with inclusion? No judgement here. You're actually not alone. The idea of an inclusive Halloween is a relatively recent concept. Even more recent is the growing trend of socially conscience people putting it to practice.

More people than ever before are acknowledging American children with emotional, social, cognitive, and physical challenges. It's an extraordinary step for human rights.

Making 2022 Idaho's Most Inclusive Halloween Ever

If you embrace the opportunity to welcome all children to your doorstep this Halloween, you're a hero. For inspiration on Halloween candy alternatives, check out our list of helpful links below!

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash
Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

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