Halloween Fun for Everyone

Horror movies and slasher flicks aren't for everyone! We all know someone who won't set foot in a haunted house. They're usually the same people who shy away from telling or listening to ghost stories. And that's okay! If chills and thrills aren't your cup of witch's tea, you're not flying solo.

Finding a Halloween film an entire family take in together can be tough task. This can be especially true for families with children of all ages. As parents, we get that! The tween doesn't always want to watch the same movie the toddler does.

Then again, sometimes the cauldron boils down to adults that've exhausted their last ounce of tolerance on their kid's mind-numbing tv shows. They're looking for something that doesn't make 90 minutes of family time on the couch feel like a prison sentence. We think that's fair.

The Groovy-Not-Gory Movie List

Our spooky and silly-not-scary list of flicks has something for every age. Scroll on for a list of fun Halloween movies Idaho families can laugh along with together in 2022.

13 Spooky-But-Not Scary Halloween Movies

These films are perfect for people who love Halloween but don’t love super scary movies.

LOOK: How Halloween has changed in the past 100 years

Stacker compiled a list of ways that Halloween has changed over the last 100 years, from how we celebrate it on the day to the costumes we wear trick-or-treating. We’ve included events, inventions, and trends that changed the ways that Halloween was celebrated over time. Many of these traditions were phased out over time. But just like fake blood in a carpet, every bit of Halloween’s history left an impression we can see traces of today.

Gallery Credit: Brit McGinnis

Favorite Halloween Candy by State

No tricks, all treats. Here is a roundup of the top Halloween candy loved in each state.

Gallery Credit: Lauryn Snapp

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