That is not an actual picture of me, but it could have been so many times. My poor skin has been through so much and now I'm dealing with skin cancer. Please take this advice and learn from me!

I had to have a biopsy yesterday on a spot that is most likely skin cancer. I have 7 other spots that were frozen and are now being watched closely over the next few weeks. Add that to the 3 spots I had surgery on in the last 5 years. As I was leaving Dr. Keller's office, I couldn't help but think of
Baz Lurhrmann's song, Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen. It came out for the class of 1997 and the advice will stand the test of time!
If only had been listening before 1997. The precancerous and basal cell cancer spots I'm dealing with now, more than likely came from sunburns I got as a kid. My mom was great at covering my "angel-kissed," Irish skin from head to toe. When I wasn't with her though is when I got my worst sunburns. I always forgot to "reapply after you get out of the pool Kate!" Blisters, scorched red skin and the smell of Noxema are my not-so-fond memories from my childhood.
I can't go back and change that, but I can wear sunscreen year round. I'm free to do so! I go see Dr. Keller, my dermatologist, at least once a year (more when I have a problem spot) and I get month facials at Zenergy to help with the sun damage. I refuse to look like a piece of tanned leather.
Please WEAR SUNSCREEN! Do it for me and my freckles but more importantly, do it for you.

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