I had my first-ever Keratin treatment on Tuesday, and I think I love it!  Ever had one?

This may be the first and only time I take a back-of-the-head selfie, but sometimes a quick pic is better than the mirror.

What are your thoughts on Keratin treatments?

This was a spontaneous decision, and I'm not all that spontaneous most days.  But one thing led to another.  I got a coupon in the mail for a great deal on a haircut at a salon I had never tried, and since I'm not really tied to any one salon yet, I made an appointment.  As my new friend Fay was cutting my hair she recommended one of two things -- either chop the hair shorter than I wanted to go to get rid of split ends, or try a Keratin treatment to repair damage and calm the frizz.  I had an extra hour so I decided to go for it.

She got me into the salon with that coupon and then worked her magic.  Nice goin' girl!

If you've had a Keratin treatment, you know it feels good.  Your hair gets silky smooth and the frizz goes away, and it's supposed to keep improving for three days after the treatment.  Then it's good for six months.  Ish.  For facts on Keratin treatments, click HERE.

I'm excited about the look and feel of my hair now, but a little stressed that I can't wash it for three days.  Three days!!  I can't get it wet or sweat or even put it in a pony tail until Friday.  And I usually run every day, 5 to 7 miles.  I am starting to sweat just thinking about not being able to sweat.  But I will let my workout routine slide in the name of beauty.  It's a small price to pay if I can have hair confidence.

I'd love to know your thoughts on Keratin treatments on our Facebook page.

I made another appointment with Fay for highlights in November.  Note to hairdressers, cosmetologists, and stylists; send us coupons!  You'll reel us right in.

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