It appears the rising Idaho gas prices are prompting the new age of horseback riding.

The year is 2022 and we just witnessed some girls and their horses going through the drive thru at Panda Express. But hey, we are talking about Kuna here so... I’d like to say it’s because of the rising gas prices but... this might be how it always is in Kuna and I’m just witnessing it for the first time.

They were riding their horses through the town and I thought it was very nice that when the two girls arrived at Panda Express, they kindly jumped down and walked their horses where they needed to go. You could tell they were very polite and considerate of others around them.

We were actually able to catch up with the girls and get some pictures. Their names are Madeline and Taylor and they told us these two horses of theirs are actually for sale right now!

What a way to advertise, just hop on the horses and ride em’ around town haha! Works like a charm.

The horses are Gypsy Vanners and they belong to Rocky Mountain Gypsy Vanners right there in Kuna.

Keep scrolling for pictures and where YOU can ride horses in Idaho :)

Kuna's Panda Express Turns into Pony Express

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