One of my favorite places to eat at The Village in Meridian is Kona Grill.  I love eating there at night when you can look through the windows at the gorgeous water show displayed in the heart of the entire mall.  We here at 104.3 WOW Country have held small meet and greet concerts with brand new up and coming artists such as CAM and more at Kona Grill who have always been behind our radio station and our music so it makes me sad to see them going through business troubles like this.

Kona Grill has fired their CEO, James Kuhn after only a few months on the job which have led the chain into a very bad place.  According to Boise Dev, Kuhn made decisions such as stopped payment for pest control services and cutting staff levels.  All decisions that according to Kona Grill has led them into a very difficult financial situation.

Kona Grill stock has dropped to less than $1 a share leading to the New York Stock Exchange dropping them.

They have NOT closed as of now.  The restaurant remains open at The Village in Meridian and their 27 other locations across the country as they have secured temporary financing.  We'll keep you posted on IF and WHEN they end up shutting down.

FYI... The Kona Grill at The Village in Meridian is one of the top five producing stores in the nation so I don't see it going anywhere.  I know one thing.  I LOVE THIS PLACE and I'll be heading to Kona Grill this week for dinner.

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