No doubt you've seen the show or heard the saying Kids will say the darndest things. Man alive is this true. Ask a 2-year-old some simple questions, and what do you expect. Simple answers right? YUP and some truth are dropped on us. 

It may not be hard hitting journalism but he is all about the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts. Yeah, I'm talking to you, Mr. Mike Kasper. Is there life beyond the stars, is big foot hiding out in the Idaho mountains, the state of the economy is it secure? Well just ask Cooper, and sit back and soak it in. Are you sitting down, are you ready for the TRUTH.

WOW, my own son!! All joking aside, this was one of the purest and funniest things in the last few weeks that we've experienced in our home. Things have been a mess, it has not been easy. Honestly, it feels as if our life has been in an upside down home since May. Getting to have a few laughs while watching this brilliant 2-year-old lil babes soak in the world was the perfect antidote to the pain that has felt like its had control of our family. You truely sometimes have to sit back and enjoy the very small, and very simple times of asking your lil ones how your day was, what color the sky is, and if they love you. Mix family, we love you and are so grateful to be a part of your day each and everymorning. Thank you all for the love, texts and emails it means more than you will ever know. And Cooper, yeah, hims a funny lil boy, but another haircut, bro...I just got it done. Enjoy. - JD

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