Mike & Nicole

I Can't Believe I'm Going To Do This
For 40 Days and 40 Nights, I have been challenged not only by my moral convictions...but from the Mix Morning Show to do one thing I know will be HARD. I can not believe I'm going to do this...but I know after it's over it will be worth it.
Facebook Fights: How Did It Go From Starbucks To This? [VIDEO]
Every week The New Mix Morning Show with Mike & Nicole go LIVE to Facebook with our interpretation of the cattiness and sheer craziness that people post on social media. This week's edition is a juicy one. How it started with a conversation about Starbucks Coffee and turned so quickly to this, m…
Mike & Nicole's Christmas Elves Auction
If waiting in lines for a Hatchimal is something you DON"T want to do, then we have the perfect solution for you. It's Mike & Nicole's Christmas Elves Hatchimal Auction.

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