Seriously, why are we so forgettable/under-appreciated? This is kind of an open letter/opinion piece I guess, because recently I’ve noticed some things that really aren’t fair to Boise, and I wanted to write about it.

I follow a lot of the artists/concerts that come through the Boise area, and something I’ve noticed is their Instagram’s are always full of posts about the cities they’re visiting on their tours — even places near us like Utah, Wyoming, and Montana.

I get so excited when the artists finally make their way here, and I’m always curious to see what they’re going to post or say about us. But most of the time... it’s nothing. They don’t say anything at all.

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Even just last week, there were a few up and coming artists who performed in Boise and then Pocatello — they didn’t post about being in Boise, but they DID post about Pocatello — Pocatello?! Really?

Boise is one of the coolest freakin’ places. We have so much to offer, and yet we’re under-appreciated and easy to overlook. And people outside of Boise don’t understand what we have here. In fact, many people think we’re small and that we don’t have much going on.

When Kenny Chesney came to Boise, I posted some stories on Instagram, and I had a few friends of mine reply, “What part of Utah is this in?” They were very shocked to learn about the Ford Idaho Center.

Parker K.
Parker K.

Still, they have a hard time believing Idaho could host such a massive concert.

And if you’re wondering, no, Kenny Chesney did not post about being in Idaho. Every week tens of thousands of Idahoans spend lots of money to be able to go see these artists when they come through — the least they can do is say thank you and consider posting about us just like they post about all the other cities on their tours.

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