If you want to make sure someone doesn't move here, encourage them to find conversations like this one in local comment sections. If you find it hilarious sifting through toxic comments online, you came to the right place...

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*must have a sense of humor to keep reading*

Let me explain...

About a week ago I posted to our Facebook page about Boise barely making it onto a list of the Top 25 places to live. To be exact, Boise ranked #24 on that list. Our comment section started going crazy and it was very entertaining. Here's the post if you wanna jump in! 😂

To give you a brief description, there were a lot of negative comments — A LOT. Mostly comments about Boise being a terrible place to live.

Now, I'm really torn about this because I can't tell if people are actually hating on Boise or if they're just saying it's a bad place to send the message that people shouldn't move here anymore 😂

Personally, I love it here and I want the best for Boise! But should I be saying that out loud? LOL it sounds like (from the comments) the game plan is to detour people from moving here by making it seem like a bad place...

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Keep scrolling for screenshots of some of the best comments we saw AND a list of 10 reasons why Boise is the worst 👇

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