No matter how crappy it is, thieves will strip down any car for a buck.

Fact: your ride can be a hooptie held together with duct tape and prayer, and career car thieves will still find something to steal from it.

Don't believe me? What happened to my brother's beater just a few years back might swing your opinion.



My brother's Chevy was an embarrassment to the auto industry. 

With no sound system and absolutely nothing automatic about it, my brother's 2002 Chevy Cavalier was a POS on wheels by the time it back-fired into 2020. But that didn't matter the night carjackers had their way with it.

They stripped it down to its pathetic frame. Homies stole the trunk hood, both doors, the passenger seat (why, tho?!) the catalytic converter, the four new tires he just bought at Walmart, and even the old-school phone charger that plugged into the ashtray. Brutal, man.

My brother new it was high time to get a new ride, but like any of us, he thought he'd be the one to decide when the time was right. Guess not, bro.


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Unfortunately, that wouldn't be the last time my brother was carjacked.

About nine months after he bought a pretty nice pre-owned 2018 Toyota Tacoma, thieves stole the whole damn thing, y'all. It was parked on the curb overnight at his girlfriend's house in a fine/decent neighborhood. The poor guy never even saw it coming.

If my brother's experience taught me anything, it's that car thieves will pick apart and steal anything they can get their grubby little hands on.

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