Take a second today to pause and be mindful about how stressed out you are. According to National Today, it’s officially National Stress Awareness Day.

I think the majority of us carry more stress than we care to admit, and we need these friendly reminders to chill out and put ourselves first every once in a while. And with the holidays right around the corner, now is as good a time as any to put down our phones and try to do other (preferably relaxing) things that can help us alleviate stress and take it easy.

National Today says...

“National Stress Awareness Day, on every first Wednesday in November — November 2 this year — is 24 hours of reinforcing the fact that you’re not doing yourself a favor by stressing about situations you can’t control. In fact, according to science, chronic stress leads to impaired cognitive and physiological functions. Would you want to age before your time? Absolutely not! On this day, let’s learn together to hone our ability to choose one thought over another and let the stress ebb away.”

If you’re looking to truly unplug, I think Idaho might be one of the best places on Earth for doing that. Idaho has some of the best parks, museums, scenery, restaurants, concerts, and outdoor activities in the country. And if leaving the city is what you need, we have plenty of surrounding areas and small towns with easy-to-access mountains, hills, rivers, valleys, and canyons etc.

Keep scrolling for a bunch of the best ways to truly unplug in Idaho 👇

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