I grew up with a family making homemade ice cream in one of those machines I can taste it right now as I think of that. Who doesn't love great ice cream (even after they take all the good stuff out.)

There is one ice cream special that can only be found in Idaho and is my number one, period. Have you tried the Ice Cream Potato? Life will never be the same until you make this a full course meal.

First, it's not what you might think. It's not a large potato that is filled with ice cream. Who would eat that? You won't find fry sauce anywhere near this delicious treat. This is the Crème brûlée of ice cream with an original Idaho twist. These are the small things that make Idaho the best. Let's visit the Westside Drive-In for Chef Lou's original Idaho Ice Cream Potato.

Our most famous dessert! Vanilla ice cream hand rolled in cocoa powder in the shape of a potato. Topped with whipped cream, oreos and nuts.

That comes directly from the Westside Drive-In. I just spoke with Millie who works at the one on State Street in Boise and promises to make over 60 per day with Alex. I'm telling you the super-secret ingredient is cocoa powder. This consumes your taste buds in every bite and I'm getting more excited about picking one up on the way home. That wasn't the plan but my wife is pregnant. I'll just blame it on that!

You can visit them on State Street or Park Center in Boise, Idaho.

Thanks to Westside Drive-In staff: Milli, Alex, Tamboree, Dianne (25-year employee), Patrick, Evan, John, Triton, Hayden, Matt, Emily (Chef Lou's Daughter), Jaute, Brandon, Reece, Heather, Alina, Kevin, Jim, Mathew, Artan and owners Chef Lou and Josh Aaron.

I just asked for a few friends working and they gave me the entire team. It doesn't matter if you work after class, a daughter, a longtime employee, or the owners. They love everyone the same and that's some Idaho love right there!

The Idaho Ice Cream Potato portion is at 2:35 in the video below.

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