Yes, It's a day Idaho. These history books may claim that Kentucky is where the celebration began, but we have no real evidence. You ever dropped a 2,000-pound disco potato in front of your state capitol Kentucky? I think not.

Wednesday is our national day of remembrance that potatoes are what we do. This is our mascot we should celebrate by eating every type of potato thing known to all Idahoans worldwide. It's National Tater Day.

Was that extreme enough? I'm personally thinking this is just a great opportunity to make poor choices and eat great taters. The poor part of that would be the extras like Ketchup, cheese, sour cream, and the rest. Potatoes are actually packed full of Vitamin C, B1, B3, and all the other letters. A tater is just plain good for you.

I wanted to see where Yelp ranked our Boise restaurants on tater appeal.

  1. Boise Fry Company - This comes from Kira in Berkeley, CA. "So many choices! we got the russet potatoes, string style. They have so many sauces and don't limit you on how many you try, which is so nice! We tried blueberry ketchup, jalapeño ranch, chipotle aioli, garlic aioli, bbq, and fry sauce. Fry sauce was the best!
  2. Fork - Rotisserie roasted and herb-crusted. Choose the mashed or rosemary-parmesan Idaho fries.
  3. Goldy's Breakfast Bistro - I'm getting hungry just seeing this. Goldy's potatoes seasoned to perfection with a mouth-watering experience.
  4. The Basque Market - Paprika and garlic potatoes were the best!
  5. Sids Garage - Get the "Hangover" burger with fries. Best.

Do you have a sweet tooth? There's only one dessert potato that must be on every Idahoan's bucket list, The Ice Cream Potato from the Westside Drive-in.

Photo by: Alex (Westside Drive-In)
Photo by: Alex (Westside Drive-In)

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