One year ago today, my nerves were so insane I couldn't finish my bagel breakfast sandwich. I was getting ready to propose to my girlfriend. Luckily, I had some help from an unconventional friend... A Sea Lion named Duke. Here's the story, and the video to go with it! My heart races just seeing this video again!

It's wild how much things change in a year. Last year at this time I was living and working in San Diego, healing from a broken back in a back brace, embracing one of the most anxiety provoking moments of my life. My proposal to Stacy!

I had made some friends at Sea World San Diego, and I asked them if there was anyway I could setup a fun proposal on their property. They set me up with a Sea Lion named duke and offered to have him hold the ring. I opted to keep the ring myself and let the Sea Lion pass Stacy a note that simply said "I'm a Sea Lion, but you would BE lyin' if you said you didn't want to marry John (Moug)."

She turned around, behind her to her surprise, were both of our families who traveled to be there, some friends and me on one knee with the most expensive piece of jewelry I've ever purchased. It went just the way I had planned, and it was such an awesome day. Here's video of it going down!

We were supposed to get married on April 25th, but ya know, Coronavirus, so we've moved it to November 7th and we're still just as excited as we were a year ago!


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